Shadow work with the Dark Feminine Goddess

December 16, 2023 — Full day workshop.

Radical liberation, fierce grace and profound transformation are the gifts the Dark Goddess bestows upon us.

When we step into the energy and the practices of the Dark Goddess, as we do in this workshop, we take a journey into the deeper, more hidden realms of Self. These realms are powerful access points for true reclamation of self.

The Dark Goddess liberates, transforms and loves with such ferocity that even our deepest, darkest energies and longest standing patterned ways of being don’t stand a chance. There is nowhere within our being, our psyche or our energetic system that She can’t access. She is Shadow Worker, Fierce Liberator, Radical Transformer.

This workshop is a fiercely transformative yet love-filled way to explore the Dark Goddess in a very safe and very sacred way.

Working with the divine feminine archetypal energy helps us get past the mind and deeper into the psyche. This is one of the most embodied ways, one of the deepest ways to do shadow work. The dark Goddess archetypes we will be working with are Kali, Lilith and Medusa.

She is a fierce champion of our souls and will stop at nothing to remove any obstacles holding us back from our deepest truths and highest potentials!

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